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A splash of JOY?

It’s Sunday and I can feel the Joy creeping in. From where I don’t know, maybe it’s born from gratefulness that came after despair. I don’t know and I don’t care, it’s here! I can… Continue reading

The hidden spaces in my soul.

When life is changing the foundation shakes a bit. A least it does for me. And when I try to move on I sometimes feel stuck. Then I discover the hidden spaces in… Continue reading

The challenge with Visions.

I can see it, I can see it all worked out. And then I open my eyes and nothing has changed. That is the challenge for me when I can imagine and visualize,… Continue reading

Desire your life!

I wish you all a summer of healing and good stuff! Remember to take care of yourself, see you after my holidays, very soon! I don’t have tons of words today because it’s… Continue reading

Before a new dream

Letting go of something without having any proof that it will work out, is faith. Letting go of a dream that’s not working, before a new one has established, is trust. I can… Continue reading

Following the signs.

I have always had visions and dreams, but I also am a secret part-time controlfreak. It’s true. Maybe it’s a good thing, and maybe it’s not a secret. I’m not sure. My star… Continue reading

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