Hope and pancakes.

Today I’m sad. I have been for a few days. Old patterns emerge. And it reminded me that when people (like me) say to others “just let go”, do they really know what… Continue reading

What is energy?

I am so amazed at the space I now have in my body and mind for new things. My thoughts for today is ENERGY, vibes and the connection I feel with so many… Continue reading

Embracing Change?

It just hit me this morning. First; Why am I in a crappy mood? Then I realised; I’m afraid of change… How boring! Well, it didn’t just hit me all of a sudden.… Continue reading

Miracles, chocolate and the russian.

There’s a lot of buzz inside my head. Sometimes I can obsess for hours in the middle of the night about the sillest things, or on the way to the supermarket nag to… Continue reading

Time to create

I’m enjoying and flowing around in my new world. Once I opened up for it, it’s like a breath of fresh air. While I’m waiting for our new house to manifest, I might… Continue reading

New space, new things…

When part of your space has been filled with pain, worry or negativity it’s hard to imagine another way. The funny thing is that we humans tend to want to keep things the… Continue reading

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