The challenge with Visions.

I can see it, I can see it all worked out. And then I open my eyes and nothing has changed. That is the challenge for me when I can imagine and visualize,… Continue reading

One door closes.

After a long and hard look at what could have been but wasn’t, we decided to close the bar. It just didn’t work. Call it the economical crisis, call it an old dream… Continue reading

Desire your life!

I wish you all a summer of healing and good stuff! Remember to take care of yourself, see you after my holidays, very soon! I don’t have tons of words today because it’s… Continue reading

Before a new dream

Letting go of something without having any proof that it will work out, is faith. Letting go of a dream that’s not working, before a new one has established, is trust. I can… Continue reading

Following the signs.

I have always had visions and dreams, but I also am a secret part-time controlfreak. It’s true. Maybe it’s a good thing, and maybe it’s not a secret. I’m not sure. My star… Continue reading

There is hope!

At least it feels like it. I’ve reconnected with my soul, and yes, I took baby steps, Olga!  As you all know I’m far from patient. What fascinates me with hope is that… Continue reading

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