Before a new dream

Letting go of something without having any proof that it will work out, is faith. Letting go of a dream that’s not working, before a new one has established, is trust. I can… Continue reading

Following the signs.

I have always had visions and dreams, but I also am a secret part-time controlfreak. It’s true. Maybe it’s a good thing, and maybe it’s not a secret. I’m not sure. My star… Continue reading

There is hope!

At least it feels like it. I’ve reconnected with my soul, and yes, I took baby steps, Olga!  As you all know I’m far from patient. What fascinates me with hope is that… Continue reading

Now what?

After letting go of the past, getting past the sadness, I’m filled with this feeling of; Now what? I did my work, where’s the reward? I pretty much healed myself and came out… Continue reading

Cup of comfort

Why is it that a cup of tea or coffee contains so much comfort? At least for me. Sometimes it saves me. My soya cortado is saving me in this very moment. It… Continue reading

Let in the light!

I’ve always been fascinated by the soul, the spirit, thoughts and patterns we have. What makes us tick? I most certainly didn’t choose the road most traveled. I dropped out of school at… Continue reading

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